Who We Are



Help small and medium business to GROW and get better.


Create visibility around their OPPORTUNITY and method to pick winners.


Identify great IDEAS and turn them into products and services customers value.



We will democratise management consulting.


We’ll take the very best management theory, technology and case studies and make it available to any business.


We want to grow and prosper with our partners.


We will play the long-game.


Our Principles


Business is about people. At the core of RichoCo is a team that must work productively with our clients' team, but we're all individuals; different backgrounds, skills and experiences, capabilities, capacities, circumstances. Understanding the importance of diversity, and respecting our differences is paramount to a successful business relationship and building bridges of trust.

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RichoCo is confident that the service we provide and the approach we take, will create measurable value for our clients. An essential part of our approach is creating logical measurements of success at the start of a project and defining why these are the right metrics so that our clients can calculate their own return on investment. If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.


Central to RichoCo's philosophy is a partnership. We strive to build trusting and empathetic partnerships with our clients, through the actions we take and the outcomes we deliver. Our remaining 4 principles are the foundation of that trust.

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It's critical for us to clearly understand our clients; their philosophies, their history, the ecosystem they work in, their ambitions and their capabilities - the facts. A thorough discovery and audit of the existing situation is essential to feel the pain points, clarify the need and direction.  Discovery enables us to help clients articulate their business strategy and their definition for value.



As a consultancy focussed on business growth, we typically discover the enormous potential for improvement in our clients' businesses. In fact, the opportunities are often too numerous, resulting in paralysis of choice. RichoCo is guided by a principle of providing our clients with a strategic, focused opportunity that provide rapid and frequent improvements, as well as a high likelihood of success and sustained growth. Quick-wins defines the process of frequently leveraging the 'low hanging fruit' with a sense of urgency.